The First Robot President was just published (April 2020), and it has not yet been reviewed.  As soon as readers begin posting reviews, a sampling of them will appear here.

The First Robot President

     A novel by Robert Carlyle Taylor


The year is 2484. Thomas Jenkins orders a robot wife – a high-end model with an exceptional I.Q.  Soon after she arrives, Thomas learns that his robowife wants to become a mother and run for Congress.  Someone suggests that she can fulfill the first goal by adopting a child, but no one takes the second goal seriously. Little does anyone know that the robot will one day become President of the United States. 


The First Robot President combines science fiction and political satire in an entertaining narrative with an underlying theme of great consequence. 

The First Robot President  is currently for sale on the websites of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million.  The buttons below labeled "Indie-hardcover" and "Indie-paperback" link to, which supports independent local bookstores.  


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