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The First Robot President E-BOOK cover.jpg

Could a Robot be President of the United States?

  • Winner, 2022 Independent Press
    , Science Fiction

  • Gold Prize, 2021 Readers View
      Reviewer's Choice Awards

  • Distinguished Favorite, 2021
      New York City Big Book Awards

  • Silver Prize, 2022 Independent
      Book Publishing Association

    Benjamin Franklin Awards,

"... Esmeralda’s quest rockets the plot along toward an unexpected yet satisfying conclusion. ... Lighthearted and fun, the novel makes for a page-turning read.” 
The Prairies Book Review


"... [The First Robot President ] had me hooked from the very start! ... Clear, evenly paced, nice cadence, and very easily able to differentiate characters.  These are the hallmarks of not only a great story, but a story that is enhanced and elevated by its narration.  I found myself staying in the car long after I'd parked to keep reading!!"   Judge, Independent Book Publishing Association's 2022 Benjamin Franklin Awards (refers to audiobook)

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